David Randall, author of The Universal Journalist, presents 13 in-depth profiles of the best journalists who ever lived - nine Americans and four Britons, ten men and three women, whose lives were full of adventure, wit and the ingenuity to bring the story home.


How the great reporters were chosen

1. The World of the Reporter
How, when and where the job has changed in 150 years

2. Meyer Berger
The reporters’ reporter

3. Nellie Bly
The best undercover reporter in history

4. Edna Buchanan
The best crime reporter there’s ever been

5. James Cameron
The definitive foreign correspondent

6. Richard Harding Davis
One of the best descriptive reporters ever

7. Floyd Gibbons
The supreme example of a reporter in pursuit of an assignment

8. Ann Leslie
The most versatile reporter ever

9. AJ Liebling
The most quotable wit ever by-lined

10. JA MacGahan
Perpetrator of perhaps the greatest piece of reporting ever

11. Hugh McIlvanney
The best writer ever to apply words to newsprint

12. Ernie Pyle
The reporter who never forgot who he was writing for

13. William Howard Russell
The man who invented war corresponding

14. George Seldes
A reporter who got up the noses of the high and mighty

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